Just Cause 3 Lets You Play a Jenga

With just a small substitution of shipping containers for wood blocks.

In a Youtube video by teamcream it is demonstrated how how to play the game Jenga in Just Cause 3. With the use of a helicopter is was able to stack up shipping crates to resemble the Jenga tower. Teamcream then used grappling hooks (multiple of them) to pull the crate out of the pile.

Using the helicopter again to place to now lose piece (shipping container) back on top of the pile. This was done by the use of grappling hooks again, with precise aim the shipping crate was tethered to the bottom of the helicopter.

In the video Description the creator made the following comments:

It took a long time to build, and much longer than expected to come down,”

It worked better than I anticipated.”

The process is lengthy and slow to start, the video does speed up with a nice track from Hotline Miami to go with the large game of Jenga that is being played. The game does finally end with the tower falling over while trying to pull a piece out from the top. It would have been much better if their were so of those Just Cause explosions in there when the crates hit the ground.