REACT: Gaming has brought us another episode for us to watch. The senses are in check as the Reactors play ‘EYES – The Horror Game‘.

Game Details
Genre: Adventure
Published On: February 11, 2013

Game Description
If you like Slender, the you will like this first person perspective horror game where you search an old abandoned house. While in the house you are tasked with collecting money bags and other valuables but be careful, the house is rumored to be haunted by a ghost. Use your normal WASD keys to move about the house, to be able a run hold down the shift button and use you space bar to jump. The game has something called ghost vision which you can use by press Q, this will allow you to see for the point of view of the ghost. Giving you an idea of where the ghost is and where not to go.

To unlock the front door of the house to escape you have to find the a given number of money bags.

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