Devs open up on Hearthstone

Hearthstone content has been released at a pace that when compared to other games by Blizzard, it’s hard to believe, hardcore players are always itching like an addict for next fix of updates and news. It’s been about a month since the completion of League of Explores and many are still exploring the new cards but many are awaiting (somewhat patiently) for what is next..

Hearthstone YouTube channel posted to the above video this week, Ben Brode senior game designer digs into the mentioned problems. Having a developer status for Blizzard does not make him afraid of taking some of the blame.

Brode says:

“I think mostly it stems from a lack of communication on our side, sometimes it’s hard to avoid the lack of communication.”

The most anxious the community gets for news is just before Blizzard is ready to announce something. Developer’s sometime hold back in case plans get changed. He also says, the don’t want to repeat the Curse of Naxxramas, and announce things too early.

Brode says:

“We kind of messed up with Naxxramas, we announced it much earlier than was wise I think. We should have announced it much closer to release.”

Blizzard’s solution is “next time we have a lull in the development cycle,” the team needs to have better communication with its community. One source of better communication  will be more videos like the in this article. He reiterates that Hearthstone team is always working hard on what’s next however long it takes and however frustrated people may get.

Brode says:

“We have so many things planned for the future of Hearthstone, but it’s not always the right time to announce that cool new stuff, We’re never far away from the next cool announcement.”


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