Ever wonder how the Final Fantasy XV difficulty system works? If so read on friend!

While lead game designer Takizawa Masashi was fielding fan questions on the official forum, he explains how the difficulty system works.

The difficulty level system in FFXV lets you switch between level settings while between battle modes.

With this ability, you can cater to individual play styles, technical, action oriented, etc. Also this will allow you to change the pace of the fights to your desired tempo so everyone can enjoy the fight how the want to. This new switching system is a crucial gameplay mechanic that they decided to implement based on feedback they received during the demo of Episode Duscae.

Expect more details about how the system all works to start emerging throughout the following months.

Hajime Tabata reviled in a recent interview that the storytelling and gameplay are one in the same and should progress through gameplay and not feel forced, similar to how The Last of Us played through.

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