ARK: Survival Evolved – Winter Wonderland

Developer: Studio Wildcard
Release Date: Early Access: 6/2/2015(PC); 7/1/2015(Linux, OS X); 12/16/2015(Xbox One); Full Release 6/2016
Platforms: Linux,PC,OS X,PS4,Xbox One

Survivors can now decorate their homes in festive manner using Wreaths, Holiday Lights, Wall-Stockings, Decorative Christmas Tree, and Snowmen.

Santa has been replaced with the Raptor Claus that darts across the night sky, dropping presents from the air filled with loot. Flow him around to stock up and you may even get a rare ARK gift code. Survivors can earn Santa Hats, Reindeer Costumes, Cane Club Weapons, and if you collect enoug Coal, you might be able to summon the elusive DodoRex.



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