Awakening Map Pack – CoD: Black Ops III

Developer: Treyarch
Release date: 2/2/2016 on PS4; Xbox One and PC 30 days later
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One


The first of four map packs is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and the to the PC and Xbox One after 30 days. Awakening will cost players $15 dollars and includes 3 new maps.

  • Splash: An abandoned water-park that is colorful and playful
  • Rise: A deserted snowy construction facility
  • Skyjacked: A Black Ops II map that has been re-imagined to take advantage of the increased mobility of today’s gameplay


Awakening will also include Der Eisendrache, the fourth episode of the Black Ops zombie story. Der Eisendrache is a medival castle setting build on a creepy site.

Are you going to get the map pack?

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