ARK: Survival Evolved – Dimetrodon & Dung Beetle

Two new friends are welcomed to the ARK Version 232! Give these adaptable carnivores a jolly hello! The Dimetrodon massive insulating sail the runs down its back provides players shade during excessive heat and shelter from extreme cold. Survivors regarded it as one of the friendliest creatures in the swamplands where it can be found roaming looking for small prey.

The Dung Beetle known to be an organic biofactory will eat excrement along with useless waste which will be metabolize. Producing oil that can power generators along with fertilize crops! Great for cleaning up around dino-pen.

Craftable Beer Kegs were also introduced in version 232 which help with making tasty beers which can have various status enhancing effects. Beware of the ‘hangover’ effects, dino and hangovers are not so pleasant!

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