SMITE: Hell and Back

Play SMITE for free on Xbox One. Players choose from a various deities and use their powers to destroy the opposition in 5v5 matches. SMITE’s third person perspective of the combat sets it apart from other MOBA’s top down view perspective.

Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
Release date(s): (PC) 03/25/14, (Xbox One) 08/19/15
Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Smite’s Gameplay
Smite many game modes, the largest being Conquest. Players form into two teams, having three to five players per team. Players start on opposite sides of the map, at their team’s ‘fountain’. To buy starting items, players are granted 1,500 gold before they enter the map. These items grant special abilities or bonuses that enhance the player’s god. The map is divided into one to three ‘lanes’ that running from one side to the other. A ‘Phoenix’  defends each lane which is also accompanied by a pair of defensive towers. Both deal large amounts of damage to enemies that come too close.To win the match your team must destroy the others team’s Phoenixes and their Titan. Players are accompanied small weak soldiers called ‘minions’, minions spawn every thirty seconds at the Phoenixes and run along their lane. Minions will attack anything that comes across they path from players, minions, towers, Phoenixes and the Titans. Minions need to be presence for players to deal full damage. Minions defensive positions will allow players to attack a tower without receiving damage; if no minions are around, towers will fire upon the players. If a team is doing badly they can decide to surrender, it does requires a majority vote (4 players to 1) to agree.

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