Paragon Game Play: Mid-Lane Push

Watch the above video and see some new gameplay footage of the upcoming MOBA Paragon. The video takes place on the Mid-Lane Push Map (I think) as you watch the gameplay of a few Heros from the game. Gadget start off by sending in a helicopter type robot for a seek & destroy move towards a group of minions. Feng Mao finishes off the minions with a Earth Shatter move. Which looks like a large leap into the air and a smashing of large ax into the ground creating large spikes to come from the ground in a frontal area affect. Rampage shows up (looks like a Green Alien Ape with webbed claws and spikes protruding from its elbows and back of scalp area). It attacks Gadget with its boulder throw, which is exactly what the description is (go creativity)! Then leaps and tries to smash Feng Mao but Feng Mao does a quick evade which causes him to go invisible. Kallari then jumps into action dual welding blades and slashes Gadget. It all ends with Rampage screaming at the camera, scary!

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