Fry Cry Primal: Bed and Breakfast

Ubisoft Montreal has released a video advertising their new bed and breakfast (bnb) “Cave”. Nestled at the heart of the mountain and open to the heart of nature (cave in a side of a mountain), where simplicity goes hand and hand with rustic character. The cave is equipped with central heating (a fire in the middle) which you can activate using quality flints that will help you create a softly lit ambiance. You can also widen you culinary horizon (worms) as you taste a few of the regions many specialties. And for your toilets if you got the courage (picture of a wolf) you’ll get back in touch with nature as the wild provides (water falls and streams) you with unlimited bathroom appliances. When it comes to entertainment you can gather around the fire or give free reign to your creativity to the area specially provided for this purpose (side of the cave wall with markings). So don’t delay, and book your night right away on our CAVEBNB site.

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