Assassin’s Creed Chronicles : India – Deep Dive Trailer

Developer: Climax Studios
Release Date: 01/12/2016
Platform(s): PC, PS 4, PS Vita, Xbox One

Taking place in 1841, India the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles continue with their second saga of the series. Tensions between the East India Company and teh Sikh Empire are escalating quickly. Players take the role of Arbaaz Mire, a Master Assassin (of course) who lover has been kidnapped  by his sworn enemies along with other items that where taken from the brotherhood.


This is a side scrolling 2.5D platformer game. The game features a large assortment of weapons such as, rope blade, shoe blade, and daggers. Players can utilize stealth tactics to hide in the shadows for enemies and climb to areas that are out of sight of the enemy.

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