BioShock Infinite’s Floating City recreated in Fallout 4


Girl Plays Game has put the Fallout 4’s Settlement tools masterful use, recently finishing her work on the Settlement based on BioShock Infinite’s city Columbia. It’s a stunning recreation of the floating city, complete with multi-level buildings, accessible interiors and more.

The recreation caught the developers attention of Bioshock, (Irrational), as they re-tweeted her original tweet. On her website she provides all the mods that where used to recreate the Columbia.

Fallout 4’s Settlement tools have been used in the past to create a AT-AT along with performing epic basketball trick shots.

With the endless possibilities that these mods offer, you can create any Fallout 4 Settlement that your mind can think off. Be on the lookout for more amazing creations from the Fallout 4 community coming in the future.

Have you made in Fallout 4 settlements? Share below!