Thieves Guild – The Elder Scrolls Online

Above is the teaser trailer for the upcoming Thieves Guild DLC, the first DLC of 2016 for The Elder Scrolls Online. The release date, pricing and high level detail about the DLC has not been released yet. What we do know is it will be release in two parts previous to other DLC’s, the first part being the DLC pack and the second part being a base patch to the game (time for stuff to break, woots, sad panda).

Some things to look forward to are:

  • Hew’s Bane: A new zone available to all level and characters and home to the Thieves Guild Headquarters, and Abah’s Landing.
  • Maw of Lorkhaj, a new 12-player trial
  • Thieves Guild related stuff: new passive skill line, costumes, motifs, items sets

For more information about the DLC, check out there website.

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