The Planets of Star Wars Battlefront

When Star Wars Battlefront comes out you’ll be able to explore various planets such as the forest moon of Endor, the harsh climate of Hoth, Tatooine’s  desert dunes, and the fiery surface of Sullust.

In the Star Wars Battlefront Planet Experience, you’ll be guided through the planets that await Rebel and Imperial alike in Star Wars Battlefront. Through this tour, you’ll get valuable facts on game modes, units, and characters found in Star Wars Battlefront. Read up on T-47 Snowspeeders, Ion Torpedoes, and Darth Vader himself to get an edge when Star Wars Battlefront releases.

The planets look quite detailed with the lush green forests and cold snowy environments. It will be exciting to be immersed in the game and be able to walk through and see these different places.

Check out the video below showing some of the planets you will be able to explore.

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