Xbox Live outage makes Snoop Dogg sad, so he complains to Mr. Gates

Last night Xbox Live, the online gaming service, went down for several hours , making Snoop Dogg very sad.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus (AKA: Snoop Dogg), posted two Instagram videos displaying his annoyance with Xbox One / Microsoft.

Snoop’s Message:

“A message to Xbox One or Microsoft or whoever the F… you are, you all sever is F…ing wack man, you all going to make me switch to PlayStation if you don’t get this  shit fixed. It’s that difficult to play somebody online, wtf you doing Bill Gates  fix your s… man!”

The two videos were posted at the same time (one is just in black-and-white) were broadcast to Snoop’s Instagram followers (eight million) which amassed 61,000 “likes.”

Xbox 1 fucking sucks online yes i said it ps4 here we come. Ceo. Hit my peoples up we done with xbox

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Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come 👿👿✨🌟🏈

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