Black Desert Online - Download the Character Creator Now Developer: Pearl Abyss Release Date: 02/18/2016 Platform: PC If you have had your [...]

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Xbox One Bundle - The Division A new Xbox One Bundle has been announced to go with the launch of Tom Clancy's: 'The Division'. [...]

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Next Fallout 4 update, Keeping your Head were it Belongs Bethesda shared their 1.3 patch notes on Friday (1/15/2016) for there post [...]

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Xbox 360 server rumor, not true We all know everything you read on the internet is true. Rumors about the Xbox 360 servers [...]

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The Division Beta Dates Revealed On Friday (1/15/2016) Ubisoft announced via twitter the beta dates for the up and coming game The Division. [...]

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Devs open up on Hearthstone Hearthstone content has been released at a pace that when compared to other games by Blizzard, it's hard to [...]

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'Elite Dangerous' has sold a surprising amount of copies Maybe it's worth checking it out? Triple A games like GTA V and [...]

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Xbox Live outage makes Snoop Dogg sad, so he complains to Mr. Gates Last night Xbox Live, the online gaming service, went down [...]

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New Images Surface for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess If you can't wait until March for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD to [...]

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Dev's are Excited About the Next Witcher 3 Expansion Blood and Wine is set to be Geralt's last adventure. The Witcher 3: Wild [...]

Play All Four Seasons with this Fallout 4 Mod Despite the official mod tools not being available yet, incredible mods have been emerging for [...]

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32 GAMES TO WATCH FOR IN 2016 2016 has a lot of  big name games to look forward to, which can lead to looking [...]

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Pokémon turning 20, Nintendo celebrates with New 3DS bundle Nintendo is sending you back into Kanto for Pokémon's  20 anniversary with the original [...]

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BioShock Infinite's Floating City recreated in Fallout 4 Crazy! Girl Plays Game has put the Fallout 4's Settlement tools masterful use, recently finishing her work [...]

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DEVs EXPLAINS THE FINAL FANTASY VX DIFFICULTY SYSTEM Ever wonder how the Final Fantasy XV difficulty system works? If so read on friend! While [...]

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