Play All Four Seasons with this Fallout 4 Mod

Despite the official mod tools not being available yet, incredible mods have been emerging for the open-world role-playing game, and here is another one.

Check out the video above produced by YouTuber hodilton who installed the mod this week to help showoff Fallout 4 Seasons Mod.

The Mod adds all four seasons (spring, summer, winter, and fall, encase you forgot) to the games day/night cycle, letting you play the RPG as you would living in the Boston area.

Lets us know what your favorite Fallout 4 mods are below.

GameDuchess  created the mod, (which can be found on Nexusmods) explains that may experience a drop in frame rates after installing the mod. GameDuchess says the files are balanced between quality and performance right now so no further optimize is going to happen, therefore it is as good as it’s gets for now.

GameDuchess pulled from a number other mods to create the 4 seasons mod, the plan to update once Bethesda releases thier Creation Kit sometime this year. It’s recommended that you only run one of the four season at a time (you don’t want to create another Fallout do you?), but once the official mod tools for Fallout 4 are released, GameDuchess may build another mod with the option to automatically switch between the seasons.

Here is an official description of the four seasons:

  • FALL SEASON – Bright autumn foliage and plants. Harvest time looks for appropriate crops.
  • WINTER SEASON – It’s snow everywhere folks! And “snowing” too if you like. Most everything is dead or dried out or slumbering.
  • SPRING SEASON – Quite colorful! Green time for crops, and bright blooming flowers and plants!
  • SUMMER SEASON – Less bright greens, few flowers, harvest time looks for appropriate crops..

What other Fallout 4 mods are you running? Tell us in the comments