New Clash of Clans Hero

The name of the new hero is the Grand Warden. Seems like an interesting addition to the game. He has a HP buff aura and an ability to grant units in his aura invulnerability for a short period of time.

His maximum level is 20 and is upgraded using elixir.  His hit point are 2000 and does 110 damage per second.  He also comes with 4 ability levels which increases the amount of time of his invulnerability spell.  He can be set to attack either ground or air.

His hit points and damage per second aren’t really that high, but that’s not where his power lies.  What is great about this Hero is his passive aura ability, a large circle around him.  Any unit within that radius gets an HP boost, which will make your army much more robust and will help take down those powerful TH11 defenses.  Eternal Tome is the name of his active ability which makes him and all units within his aura radius temporarily invulnerable.  As long as troops are within his aura they can take advantage of his hit point buff as well as his active ability.

The Grand Warden will be an interesting addition to the current army lineup that people use.  With new and upgraded defenses at town hall 11 he is a welcome addition in being able to take on these new and stronger bases.

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