Has Nintendo Broken Its Silence About NX And Zelda

Last year Nintendo made a public announce that they were not going to talk about the NX of Legend of Zelda game until 2016.

This move backfired on Nintendo with the main purpose trying to lead suspense about Nintendo’s upcoming releases but instead lead to speculation and rumors with countless unnamed sources having the inside scoop.

Ding, Ding, it’s 2016, start talking Nintendo.

All we know about The Legend of Zelda is its been delayed a lot, it is open world and you ride a brown horse. Since the Wii U has seen better days and is on its way out, maybe Zelda with be release with the NZ?

With the information drought surrounding Zelda it is starting to reflect what happen to Star Fox Zero. It took multiply years after the first announcement of the game to start seeing any significant progress on the game.

As we know Star Fox Zero was pushed to an April 16 release.

Now, we are left in the same situation as we were with Star Fox Zero with Zelda, hardly zero information on the game other than it exists. It is now 2016 and we are assuming to hear some news about the game, maybe E3 or from Zelda’s Horses mouth. How long will it take to get significant footage of the game before fans start thinking its going to be a 2017 release or longer? The fact the Star Fox got delayed another four to five months, we can only imagine a much bigger game like Zelda would easily slip into 2017.

This leads to point two, the Nintendo NX, which was supposed to be release for the 2016 holiday season, some analyst predicted a summer 16′ release, (need to get that pencil sharpened). I wouldn’t be surprised if it missed the 2017 holiday season.

Nintendo did acknowledge the existence of the system last year but there was a tradition announcement. This was more for the worried investors that saw Nintendo Hardware not doing so well (looking at you Wii U).


Nintendo has two answers to the NX/Zelda problem. They start talking about both of them now. Display footage of Zelda, along with the NX and other games for the platform. Doing this in early 2016 will indicate that NX and Zelda are farther along in development and would possible make it for the 2016 holiday season.

The second answer seems to be the more reasonable answer based on the current history. Zelda gets released in the winter/spring of 2017 allowing it to be a Wii U title for about a year before the NX is released during the 2017 holiday season.

It will be very surprising to see both the NX and Zelda being release by the end of this year do to all the delays that Nintendo has been faced with. If they have any plans to release in 2016 we should expect to start hearing things very soon.

When do you think Zelda and the NX will be released?