About Us

When I was a kid I remember my parents getting me an Atari.  I remember playing Pacman, Combat and some other games.  I remember playing a ColecoVision in a store.  I always thought those games were fun.  One day I went over to a friends house and he had just got a Nintendo.  My life changed.  I couldn’t believe the graphics of Super Mario Brothers.  I thought it was amazing.  We played and played.  It was so much fun.  I decided I needed to get one of these things.  I started collecting bottles, cans, and whatever else I could with my brother and sister to save up for a Nintendo.  We finally did it.  We finally had enough money to buy one.  It was one of the greatest days ever!

Since then I loved gaming.  I was always amazed when a new game or console came out and how much better the graphics were from the previous one.  The new and different challenges were always fun.  I remember how I first figured out how to record my gameplay on a VCR.  We recorded a lot of different games.  I remember I had a friend who was really good at Mega Man and I recorded him play from start to finish without dying.  We’ve come a long way from then.  Who would have imagined YouTube back then?  In a way I feel like gaming and I have grown up together.  And games are still growing and getting better everyday.

The devotion to the gaming industry in the way of a SOCIETY comprised of the best material on the WEB, new VIDEOS and PICS uploaded DAILY for you. Real gaming enthusiasts obsessed with the people, culture and the fun of gaming.

We love to game and it shows!!!  Game on brothers!  Game on!

For general inquiries: info@gamingsoc.com